Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekly Shoe Forecast

It is time for your Weekly Shoe Forecast brought to you by Hot Pink Style, Right now, it is about a 95% chance of Wedges! Now that the temperatures are rising, unfortunately the boots are melting away.

But not to fret the wedges for the spring are ridiculous! Of course its all about the wood bottoms, corks mixed with bright colors, metallics, and the higher the wedge...the better! If you feel like you're on stilts, then you know you have the achieved the ultimate wedge.

Also look out for a very unique style wedge this season, it s anew species we've dubbed, the half breed wedge. It's a wedge with a peeptoe and a thick ankle strap.

Of course, you can find these coveted Wedges at any major department store, or Hot Pink Style can bring the shoes to you with one of their famous Hot Pink Shoe Parties.

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