Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interview with Nuvo TV during Marketing Day for Model Latina

 Hot Pink Style Interviewed by Nuvo TV while styling the Marketing Day for Season 5 of Model Latina South Beach.


 Tune In to Xfinity Channels 379 & 665 every Monday at 10pm

Ad Campaigns, Opening Credits & Host, Jocelyn Pierce Styled by Hot Pink Style

Special Thanks to Designers, Ema Savahl, Charles Albert, Shiroiy D. Cama & Nicolita Swimwear for letting us pull Amazing Pieces!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

.....Takes a Wedge to Another Level and Beyond!!

By Jenna D.

This week and this entire season I am Obsessed with a Trouser Pant... dress it up with an Insane Shoe and a skinny belt!! This pair of Zara Trousers in the strawberry hue are sure to make an entrance and at only $49.90 you  definitely can't beat the price..... You can almost never go wrong with a Nicholas Kirkwood Design and this Keith Haring Printed Platform takes a wedge to another level and beyond!!... My final obsession for this week are these scented Drawer Liners they will Infuse your clothes and linens with their signature scent, fresh Lime Basil & whats better then that?


Zara Trousers with Elastic Waist $49.90, available at

Keith Haring Printed
Nicholas Kirkwood Platform Pump $1,523.00, Available at

Zesty and Fresh Lime Basil & Mandarin
Jo Malone Scented Drawer Liners $45.00 Available at

Friday, May 25, 2012

Model Latina Season 5 Premiere.....

Make Sure to Tune in Monday, May 28th for Model Latina Season 5 Premiere.........

The Ad Campaigns, Opening Credits & The Host all Styled by Hot Pink Style!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

....The Fringe Totally Makes It!

By Jenna D.

The picks are in for today…….
The Alexander Mcqueen wallet is so Insane…..The Day glow Pink is clearly eye-catching and I swear the brightness of it against your skin tone gives the illusion that you look tanner! It’s just another excuse to go shopping so you can pull it. I Love, Love, Love this Kimono Jacket by Kate Barbary the fringe totally makes it! Wearing this style you must be conscience of proportions. For example wearing it with a shorter pair of shorts will bring the eye up creating a longer leg while the kimono covers your tush so you don’t feel so exposed. Now for all of you that have IPads and want a more substantial cover or case this Tusk option is perfect….plus it’s the best color Tang!!!! My favorite for the season!

Neon Pink
Alexander McQueen Studded Neon Pink Wallet $250.00, Available at

Multi Print

Winter Kate Barbary Kimono Jacket $530.00 Available at

Tusk Italian Leather iPad Case $118.00, Available at

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's so 60's Mod!

By Jenna D.

This week’s Obsessions begins with this Insane Collar from Eleven Objects..... It's so 60's Mod! It's such a unique piece.... And can dress up any plain t-shirt or little dress! Then throw on this delicate bracelet by Jennifer looks great all by itself or stack multiple styles together for a more impactful look. I absolutely love a maxi skirt, it's a great alternative to the maxi dress. I especially love this one...the bold color of the yellow, plus you can't beat the price!

Gold foiled leather
Eleven Objects, Gold Foil Leather Collar $325.00 Available at

 Jennifer Zeuner, Initial on Chain Bracelet $165.00 Available at

Joe Fresh, Maxi Skirt $69.00 Available at

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Delray Beach Magazine.....Local Color

Vivid Patterns, Neon Bright and Layered Textures Breathe new Life into Summer Homes.

Delray Beach Magazine: Summer 2012

Styled By: Hot Pink Style
Art Directors: Lori Pierino
Photographer: Aaron Bristol

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

.....a Cartier Filled Dream!

By Jenna D.

My picks this week start with my all time, hands down favorite perfume…Cartier. It’s one of those great perfumes that can be worn Day or Night. The scent is so Chic and timeless……. It was my mother’s Obsession clearly passed down to me….…growing up my childhood was literally a Cartier filled dream! The YSL cuff is A-Mazing…love how it looks like it wraps up your arm. Last but not least is the ultimate backpack. Now I know what you’re thinking a backpack totally reminds you of the younger years, a little Saved By The Bell moment, but obviously it is not a JanSport. I have really been feeling backpacks, especially a dressed up one!

Must De
Must de Cartier perfume $85.00 Available at

Byzance Bangle
Large YSL Byzance Bangle $995.00 available at

Silver Sequined
 M Z Wallace 'Marlena' Sequined Backpack $425.00 Available at

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

By, Jenna D.

I’m absolutely loving this whole wetsuit swimwear line, but my favorite one is the Cheeky.   It’s definitely different, and will be sure to turn heads!   The perfect accessory for any wetsuit would of course be a Rebecca Minkoff neon color blocked tote and Sam Edelman flip flops. This tote is not only the best beach bag, but it can also double as a great everyday bag as well!
                Now, my sister is a candle connoisseur and she is always trying to turn me on to multiple different brands and scents.  They all smell amazing of course, but hands down the best candle is Gardenia by Tocca.  I have been burning it in my home and it literally smells like there is a straight gardenia bush anywhere you light it. It’s the perfect home essential for spring time!

Color: Fog

Neon Yellow



Tocca, Feu De Touch Candle, in Gardenia Scent, $38.00 Available at



Sam Edelman "Gigi" Gold Sandals, $65.00 Available at