Friday, June 29, 2012



Stylist: Hot Pink Style
Makeup & Hair: Hot Pink Style
Photographer: Danny Griffin
Model: Jessica Vaugn

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Step into Summer....

By Jenna D.

Summer is clearly here so naturally one of my obsessions this week is the perfect accessory for the heat! I am absolutely Obsessed with The SUN VISOR! It not only provides a little shade but adds a Chicness to any bikini. Especially when pairing it with one of the best trends of SS/2012 …..The Cat Eye Sunglass. I’m Kinda OBSESSED with this Alexander Wang’s. Live for the metal tips! Now that we are officially pulling out our shorts and skirts to showcase our legs for these warm months of summer why not accessorize them! What’s more Genius than what I like to call Leg Armor!!!!! Obsessed!  And last but not least the Sneaker Wedge, now I ask you what is better than a sneaker in the form of a Platform ….I would say nothing! It’s the best of both worlds!
Until next week………

Givenchy, Sun Visor from the Resort Collection 2012


Alexander Wang Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses By Linda Farrow $355.00 Available at


Litter SF Original Chain Armor $282.00 Available at

Giuseppe Zanotti 90mm Sneaker Wedge $455.00 Available at


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do you get the Driff, as in Midriff??

By Jenna D.

My Color Blocked Midriff Moment
Ok… so recently I have been blogging about one particular obsession for the week. Only,  because my obsession is so great. This week is the same. I’m Kinda Obsessed with Cropped Tops, Midriffs, Bralettes across the board. For those of you who are entering the world of Bare Midriffs my advice is to find the perfect one for your body type. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when deciding on how much skin to expose, such as the length of the top in relation to the bottom.   I prefer the skirt, short or pant to sit about 1-2 inch above your bellybutton (depending on the length of your torso)…..right wear your ribs stop… that is the smallest point of your waist so let’s accentuate it! From casual & evening chic, to form fitting & billowy…I’m obsessed! 




Emilio Pucci, Cropped top embellished with tone-on-tone beads & sequins $2,290.00 Available at

Black & True Blue
 Roland Mouret Spring Summer 2012

Pop Pink

 Naven Sleeveless Tuxedo Top $181.00 Available at

Funktional, Joan Bralette  $80.00 Available at

Little White Lie Tank $58.00 Available at

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tux through time!

By Jenna D.

Me age 2
Clearly since a small child I have been Obsessed with Tuxedos! (Please reference the picture below of what looks like a little boy in a tux that’s yours truly ……The tuxedo is really playing up the whole androgynous vibe. As I got older I became Obsessed with the Provocative Tuxedo that Jennifer Beal wore in One of the Best Movies of all time…… Flash Dance. There’s something about a Women in a Tuxedo that is so Sexy and Powerful!
That outfit for me revolutionized the Women Tuxedo.

Now as an adult I am still Obsessed with Tuxedo’s in every which way. Don’t get me wrong I can always go for the True Classic Tuxedo Suit with all the Bells and Whistles, the Black Satin Strip up the Wide Leg Pant to the Cumber bun Moment is always a go to on my list….. But recently I have been so Obsessed with The unexpected Tuxedo. A Metallic option like this one from Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2012 is Ridiculous and just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many Amazing different silhouettes, colors and textures coming  down the runway right now I just want them all.

Jennifer Beal in Flash Dance
If you aren’t ready to commit to the Full Tuxedo Suit yet and want to ease in slowly a great way to do that is by adding a Tuxedo Pant to your Wardrobe, Cigarette Style or Wid Leg…..either one would be a great option. Or if your more drawn to a Blazer this Winter White Donna Karen option is the perfect fit. For all my Tuxedo Veterans out there that have Tux’s already pull them out of your closet and breathe New Life into them by using the pieces as separates. Pair the jacket with a pair of pleated shorts for a Chic summer look or sport the pants with a classic plain tank. Not only will you have New Looks in your Closet but a great excuse to shop for a New Unexpected Tuxedo!

Jean Paul Gaultier, Cropped Tuxedo Jacket and Skinny Leather Pants, Coming Fall 2012
Coral Pink
 Emilio Pucci, Silk and Wool Blend Tailored Jacket and Pleated Trousers $3,140.00, Available at


Donna Karan, Satin Tuxedo Jacket $740.00 Available at

Viktor & Rolf, Tuxedo Wide Leg Pant $486.50 Available at

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Blazer Moment...

By Jenna D.

So this week I couldn’t help myself but to share my Love Affair with The Blazer. At least 1 day a week calls for a Blazer Moment. The choices are just endless from the length to the color options I have never meet a blazer I didn’t like. Throwing on one can really polish a look and take your outfit to the next level. This week was hard to narrow down my Obsessions but here are my picks! Share in my Obsession and put a Blazer!

Gold metallic twill
Robert Rodriguez Metallic Boyfriend Blazer $545.00 Available at

Flower Multi
Alice + Oliva, Elyse Floral Print Blazer $396.00 Available at

Pinky Grey
Structured Blazer $130.00 Available at

The Limelight Blazer $79.95 Available at

Black &White
Drapey Striped Blazer $69.00 Available at