Monday, March 21, 2011

Ode to Sunglasses

The Hot Pink Perspective
By: ‘The Fashion Massiah’

There is nothing that I love more than my over sized sunglasses. They don’t have to be a high end piece to serve many of my outfits very well. Whether I'm in my pajamas, or in a tuxedo, my sunglasses make a great compliment to every occasion. Certainly, sunglasses are one of the best staples a fashionista could have in her accessory box. Finding the right pair can be a challenge, but once found one you may not be able to survive otherwise. Rules of thumb when sunglasses shopping: Asses you face honestly. Heart shaped faces have the best luck; they can wear almost any pair and be fabulous.  Longer faces should stick to more squared and sharper edged frames; balances out ones' features. Round faces should try oval frames; it will create a better shape to the face without over powering the essential features. Follow these rules when shopping for your next pair of "I can't live without these" sunglasses and the decision will appear without effort.

....and don't forget the darker the better!!

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