Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Band Ohhhh

By, The Fashion Accent 
We say farewell to those days when women were obsessed with showing off some cleavage and filled their closets with products such as the “Wonderbra” the “Miraculous Push-up Bra” or the “BioFit”. The trend of hiding our undergarments is long gone because the new “It” item in fashion as well as the lingerie world is the Bandeau Bra. This is a “must have” piece in every woman’s closet. Not only is it the most comfortable bra you will ever wear, but its affordable price allows us to have multiple colors, prints and materials.
The best way to wear Bandeau Bras is with flowy, oversized, off the shoulder shirts where the undergarment is exposed. Designers such as Alberta Ferreti have been featuring them on the runway, and celebrities are all over the Bandeau bra these days.
Here at The HotPink Factory we love wearing color, prints  or black and white bandeaus underneath any blouse or dress; it has become an essential piece in our lives. 

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