Monday, August 15, 2011

Face the Facts

 By, The Fit Fashionista

Have you ever thought that lip products are actually ingested, because I didn’t! Many generic lip liners and lipsticks are made with synthetic dyes derived from aluminum and coal tar that can be absorbed by the body and stored in fatty tissues. This does not sound so fabulous. But what does, is an all natural and HEALTHY alternative to the basic lip products. FaceFacts by Lori has established a make up line recognized for being made with as many organic ingredients as possible.  Holistic beauty is what the company strives for and completely embodies with the most natural products that bring out the incredible inner beauty of each and every one of us. These aren’t just the normal organic products we all are used to in today’s society, not quite stacking up to the traditional make up, oh no. These lip liners and sticks fully live up to the hype, long lasting and extremely color rich. They even have a creamy base to condition your lips as you rock the versatile shade of lipsticks! With no animal testing, mineral oils, dyes or lead it is not hard to face the facts with this incredible new line from FaceFacts by Lori.

Come to The Hot Pink Factory Beauty Department today to give your lips the healthy alternative!

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