Monday, January 16, 2012

From Old to New

By, The Fit Fashionista

In the land of all that sparkles and shines, Barbara Johnson’s creations for her company Tjentland are definitely a stand out. Using Swarovski crystals and Semi-Precious Gemstones Barbara turns vintage metal or hard cased purses into stunning, jeweled creations.  Jewels cover the entire bag in a variety of designs.  Tjentland’s miniaudieres are stunning transformations from dull and worn metal purses to new and lavish encrusted creations. She meticulously works on each of the miniaudieres to ensure the holder of them knows that she carries a “little treasurer”. We at Hot Pink were able to enjoy the miniaudieres for a period of time and we were sad to see their sparkle leave the factory! To find out more information about Tjentland: Contact Barbara @ (702) 834-7194.

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