Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Gem in the Hot Pink Makeup Bag

Rosebud's Salve! Never heard of it? Prepare to be indulged. Rosebud's is a beauty cure-all. It can be used for just about everything including, but not limited to: lip balm, overall moisturizing balm, under eyes, and to relive sunburned spots on the nose, lips, and even shoulders.

Here's there official mission statement: Founded in 1892, the Rosebud Perfume Company set out with a simple mission: To provide simple, multi-usage products that are both affordable and effective. With the creation of the world famous, cult-favorite Rosebud Salve that boasts to be the cure-all for a wide array of skin ailments from blemishes to chapped lips to dry elbows, the family run Rosebud Perfume Company has solidified its place in cosmetic history.

Original, in its signature vintage tin, is our favorite, but it also comes in a ton of different flavors and packaging.

Rosebud retails for less than $5, and you can find it at most speciailty drugstores, Sephora, or even Urban outfitters.

Pick one up today, and be indulged.

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