Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Must Have

On hot days in Florida, it's important to stay cool. We have just the product for you. Comfort The Guest has introduced a revoutionary new spray bottle that keeps water hot or cold. We were lucky enough to receive a few samples of their new product, an it has quickly become a can't-live-without item at the Hot Pink Factory.

Although this item is multi-functional, our favorite use so far has been at the beach. Throw a few ice cubes into your Comfort The Guest bottle, and you have a cool spritzer all day long. We've also used these at outdoor shoots for our models to achieve a glistening glow (and keep the models from heat stroke).

The bottles come in a great variety of colors...our favorite is the Stainless Steel.

It's a great product year round, but especially for hot summer days in South Florida. For more information call us or visit

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