Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Inside of Hot Pink's Makeup Bag.............. De-Puff Your Self!!!!!!

"Perfect for anyone with a face"…. thats the best way to put it, ladies…since the ICE WATER eyedews are the latest trick of the trade. Tired eyes? Puffy eyes? Dryness?--no match for these little nutrient infused gellies that, once refrigerated, sit under your eyes to work their magic. I used them this morning and literally could see a difference and definitely felt a soothing effect.

Each pad is infused with Aloe, collagen, Vitamins C&E and Amino Acids. The cool feeling alone is a wonderful feeling on the under eye area, but the hydration and gentle de-stressing they deliver is unbeatable. (How can you go wrong with Aloe)?

I used to have a gel mask (sort of like the Lone Ranger's) that I loved. I kept it in the fridge and when I felt puffy or stressed, placed it over my eyes and felt wonderful. But these little babies are so much more portable and functional--with the only exception that the nutrients are liquidy and therefore could mess up some makeup if you were to use them over make up, say at the office. But they work wonders and you can indulge sitting upright while being prepped for your big photo shoot or lie down and relax….its up to you!

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