Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dr. Balshi, Miracle Man

Recently, we sent one of our extremely high-profile, and ultra fabulous clients ("M") to see Dr. Thomas Balshi, M.D. Below; she shares her incredible experience, and head-turning results:

Walking into the new swanky offices of the Dermatology and Liposculpture Center in Delray Beach Florida, "M" is warmly greeted by the office staff. After a brisk introduction, she is whisked back to one of the Skin Care Rooms, where she is consulted about a series of microdermabrasion treatments by the friendly head of the Aesthetics Department. (A microdermabrasion treatment is a painless exfoliation process done with crystals that leaves the skin feeling smooth and glowing.)

When her treatment concluded, it was time for her to meet the man behind the curtain, Dr. Tom Balshi. With his superb bedside manner, gentle touch with a needle, magnetic smile, and personality to match, he first checks any freckles, moles, or spots that might appear to be pre-cancerous or cancerous. Next, he whips out a mirror, holds it in front of her face, and patiently listens to her concerns about constantly looking tired and drawn. "No problem at all," Dr. Balshi says with a wink..."You ready?" he asks while gently pressing an ice pack to her face.

Now as a sidenote, we asked Dr. Balshi what goes through his mind before coming up with a custom treatment plan for each of his clients, and his sincere response gave us a glimpse into why his clients keep coming back for more. He states:

"Everyone I see is looking for cosmetic improvements, and everyone is totally unique. Certain treatments are better suited to certain personalities and lifestyles. No treatment plan is ever the same (even though the same products may be used). So if the patients does not have a "sexy" look, I'm not going to hook her up with smokin' lips or insanely hot cheek bones...because she wouldn't be able to pull it off, and it could cause some psycho-social disconnect, even if everyone else agrees that she looks great. I like to try and match the beautification treatment with their "life".... it's extremely personalized to maximize self appreciation while keeping it in the comfort zone. I'm the one seeking perfection...that's my promise."

Before she knew it, "M" had a little Juvederm here, a little Botox there, and a few minutes later, the ice was back on her face. Handing her the mirror, Dr. Balshi says, "You look like a million bucks." As she gazed at her new reflection she couldn't help but fully agree.

Not 24 hours later, she is lavished with compliments left and right. "You look great today!" "Don't you look pretty and fresh this afternoon..." She smiles and gratefully accepts the compliments, knowing well that her latest discovery of Dr. Balshi is now her best kept secret and her new best friend in the endless quest to seek perfection.

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