Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Century’s worth of Vogue Covers

This week Picks are in……I’m absolutely OBSESSED  with  this Coffee Table Book from Bloomingdale’s, its filled with page upon page of over a century’s worth of Vogue Covers. It’s a great way to incorporate Style into your home.
Now I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Dry Shampoo Movement and what a lifesaver it has been but topping that would be this Dry Conditioner from Hempz. You can literally Wash and Condition your hair without a single drop off water. Dry Shampoo is amazing  however if you use it as often as I do your hair can get a bit dry at times but not anymore…. the Dry Conditioner keeps the ends looking healthy and moisturized like you just had a fresh Blow out. I’m so OBSESSED this product, it’s a major staple!

-Stay Obsessed

Graphic Image Vogue Covers Coffee Table Book $91.00, Available at

Hempz Dry Conditioner Coming soon to The Hot Pink Factory

Merrymaking Scarf $58.00 Available at

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  1. I definetley would like that book..wishlist now!!! Great blog found you through facey x