Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion Math 101

The Hot Pink Perspective
By: ‘The Fashion Massiah’

One problem we face as shoppers is that we never realize the potential in our own closet. A common crime that consumers commit when purchasing apparel is becoming stuck in seasons. These boots are only for winter. This sweater is only for spring. These earrings are only for when the Queen stops by for tea and crumpets. Enough already! Clothes are meant to be lived in, much like your apartment, vehicle, or favorite Neiman Marcus dressing room. For some people, when one season dies, it automatically equates to purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. While this is an excitable notion, it’s not necessarily practical. This led me to examine the logistics further. The number of pieces you have in your closet is a permutation. Think about it! If you have 6 tops and 6 pairs of denim, then that is 12 pieces overall. 

The math: 12x11x10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 = 4,790,011,600

That is 4,790,011,600 ways to wear 6 tops and 6 pairs of denim. Shocked? You should be. To simplify, if wardrobe were a personality cocktail, then a fashionista would be a bartender, serving up some serious fashion assembles and mixes. Which means, when the winter months have finally passed and spring is in bloom; there is no need to pack our beloved boots into a den of hibernation. Live your closet to the fullest and make use of your hard earned disposable income. Your closet is a variable of mixes waiting to be observed and it’s up to you to discover its many working parts.

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