Monday, January 3, 2011

‘Tote-Ally Adaptable, Tote-Ally Fabulous’

By: ‘The Fashion Massiah’

Has anyone noticed that our favorite item of flaunt has undergone a it of a face lift? A slight anamorphic change that even the most fabulous of the glitterati are able to perceive. A tote! Better than our glossiest lip gloss; more reliable than our littlest black dress, our handbags certainly have stuck by us through thick and thin. Even when we've indulged just a bit too much in our own birthday cake and subsequently been emotionally betrayed by our favorite form fitting denim. We can always count on our highly adaptable accessory to fill the gaps in our desperate fashion crisis.  In these harsh economic times, it pays to invest in a durable staple that accent Your already diversified look; acting as a spacious carriable to all of our day’s events. Whether you’re schlepping your fashionable hide to the office, gym, or lunch with your best girlfriends, your look can easily adapt to the many roles you assume in just one day. Take a peek inside the Hot Pink Factory for that fabulous tote that fits in with your life on the go.

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