Monday, January 10, 2011

'One Scarf Fits All'

The Hot Pink Perspective
By: ‘The Fashion Massiah’

Warning! The leaves have turned, and the days have shortened. The damp winter air has stolen our flirtiest day dress, and our sexiest cocktail attire. What’s a fashionista to do?  A common Floridian detriment, for some, can be the lack of creative variety for our faux winter weather.  It almost seems like a cruel joke, going from a frozen tundra for one third of the work week, to a blazing Afghani dessert over the weekend.   Solution; Infinity scarves. Drape them low when the day is warm. Bundle them around your neck for when outside morphs into a free standing meat locker. Ranging in a multitude of colors and patterns, any scarf is certainly a progressive fashion statement for battling the cruelest of the elements. Check out Hot pink style’s dashing picks for winter scarves and insure an upbeat flair for any of Mother Nature’s frosty mood swings.

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