Monday, February 7, 2011

I Heart Petites

The Hot Pink Perspective
By: ‘The Fashion Massiah’

Within the world of fashion we keep a dirty secret that is a great disservice to our consumers. I’m referring to the non-standardization of size. In one brand we may be a size 4 and in another we may be a size 77 and half. It’s a gross negligence to endure, and until manufacturing houses improve technology it’s not likely to change. So what’s a size 4 petite fashionista to do? There are visual tricks that can help give a little length to our vertically challenged sisters and manipulate even the most versed of on lookers. Just follow these simple rules of fit.
Rule # 1: Avoid mixing patterns. The overwhelming mesh of pattern only cancels itself out and smooches your body silhouette into a giant blob. Instead dress in more single colors from head to toe, making a longer and sleeker look.
Rule #2: Never belt a dress or shirt on the lower half of your body. This literally cuts your frame into two pieces and unless you’re working with a magician and being sawed in half, it’s probably not a desired look. A better option is to belt your garments at the top of the rib cage, which synchs the waist and makes for a longer torso.
Rule #3: Avoid wearing long length maxi dresses. It only stacks fabric against you. Alternatively wearing a sleek-cut maxi dress, with little volume and slimming print, will have an elongating effect.
Follow these simple rules even the most super of super models will enjoy your newly acquired stature.

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