Monday, February 14, 2011

An ode to style

The Hot Pink Perspective
By: ‘The Fashion Massiah’

Has anyone noticed how many things we collect throughout a life time?  In fact, our very existence is like a special collection. It’s one we hold very close to your hearts; a series of experiences good or bad that teach us something about who we are, and the person we'd like to become. It's something we hold so sacred that we pass what we have learned on to our own children. We innately collect everything, from antiques, to friends, to even second husbands. In one way or another, we all are invested in the idea of collecting. As a fashionista, I view wardrobe in the same manner. Every piece in our closet is like a collection of book marks. A tiny reminder in our life story of something magical that gave us a boost of confidence, comforted us when we were distraught, empowered us when we felt powerless and expressed our inner voice when we were silent. To many people clothes are only clothes, and this is true. Clothes have no power on their own. However, it is up to every fashionista to pour a little of our individuality into the canvas that is wardrobe, creating any portrait of ourselves that we wish. It's my personal dream that every person can paint a fabulous portrait of themselves and discover an astonishing self worth.

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