Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Gloves Go On!

Jenna D.

 Yes, the time has come for me to dive head first into Fall 2012……..I’m OBESSED with The Glove!!!! I literally cannot wait to slip these onto my fingers and wear them everyday! Cold or not!  I’m literally wearing them right now as I type, that’s how deep the OBESSION goes. Going through my picks this week was painful since I haven’t meet a glove I didn’t like.
However, these are my OBSESSIONS for the week…
What could be better than an Opera Length glove……hmmm let me see…….a fingerless one! From Long, to Cropped, to Lavender to Leopard Designers aren’t holding back on these timeless classics.
Please, I beg of you don’t be afraid to rock a glove this fall, don’t feel weird doing so even if it’s not cold enough, they are a statement and a fabulous one at that! You must add them to your accessory regimen there’s no 2 ways about it!

Diane Von Furstenburg, Opera Gloves $395.00 Available at
Imoni Fingerless Gloves $272.00 Available at

Black Leather
Valentino, Rockstud Leather and Calf Hair Gloves $575.00 Available at

DSQUARED Leather Zipped Half Gloves $228.00 Available at

Top Shop, Beaded Gloves $28.00 Available at

Carolina Amato Fingerless Driving Gloves $50.00 Available at

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fingerless Leather Gloves $88.00 Available at

Carolina Amato, Leather Bow Driving Gloves $60.00 Available at


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